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Branko Bjelajac


Branko Bjelajac, 2001-12-13

MACEDONIA: Macedonian Orthodox Church Remains in Constitution

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-08-15

MACEDONIA: Destruction and Abuse of Religious Sites

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-08-15

MACEDONIA: Church in Lesok Blown Up

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-08-22

MACEDONIA: Serbian Bishop sentenced to Solitary Confinement

Branko Bjelajac, 2003-07-24

MACEDONIA: Serbian Orthodox Archbishop arrested again

Branko Bjelajac, 2004-01-13

MACEDONIA: Orthodox Monk and Bishop fined, and another Bishop still jailed

Branko Bjelajac, 2004-01-28

MACEDONIA: Who attacked, armed with machine guns, an Orthodox monastery?

Branko Bjelajac, 2004-02-24

MACEDONIA: Serbian Orthodox "will never get registration"

Draško Đenović, 2004-09-23

MACEDONIA: Monastery demolished - another church demolition planned, and Metropolitan to be jailed?

Draško Đenović, 2004-10-21

MACEDONIA: Why is state interfering in Orthodox dispute?

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-06-08

MACEDONIA: Archbishop to be jailed for 18 months

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-06-24

MACEDONIA: Orthodox Archbishop jailed - without the Gospels

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-07-25

MACEDONIA: Serbian bishop remains in prison as appeal fails

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-09-20

MACEDONIA: Trials without end for Serbian Orthodox?

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-09-29

MACEDONIA: Why can"t new non-Orthodox churches or mosques be built?

Draško Đenović, 2005-12-12

MACEDONIA: Sentence reduction sees Serbian bishop freed

Draško Đenović, 2006-03-06

MACEDONIA: Religious communities still face building problems

Draško Đenović, 2006-08-25

MACEDONIA: Will draft new Religion Law end discrimination?

Draško Đenović, 2007-02-02

MACEDONIA: New Religion Law perpetuates discrimination

Draško Đenović, 2008-03-28

MACEDONIA: New Law fails to solve building problems

Draško Đenović, 2008-03-31

MACEDONIA: Official discrimination continues

Draško Đenović, 2009-08-07

MACEDONIA: The Archibishop Jovan Arested

Draško Đenović, 2011-12-13

MACEDONIA: Incidents and Unrest among Orthodox and the Muslims

Draško Đenović, 2012-02-01

MACEDONIA: 17 Orthodox monks, nuns and believers arrested

Draško Đenović, 2012-05-22

MACEDONIA: Arrested released ‒ without passports

Draško Đenović, 2012-05-24

MACEDONIA: Second Circular Epistle from Prison of Archibishop Jovan

POA Arhiepiskop Jovan, 2012-11-12

MACEDONIA: Archbishop Jovan Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison, All Church Property Confiscated, 18 Others Sentenced

Draško Đenović, 2013-07-02