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SERBIA: Latest attack leaves Adventist pastor hospitalised

Branko Bjelajac

SERBIA: Attack on Christian music concert

Branko Bjelajac, 2003-08-11

SERBIA: "Discriminatory" religion bill

Branko Bjelajac, 2004-07-30

SERBIA: Further Attacks On Pentecostals

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-11-01

SERBIA: New Religion Bill Imminent

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-06-04

SERBIA: Low Religious Education Enrolment Sparks Bias Accusations

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-10-12


Branko Bjelajac, 2001-06-15


Branko Bjelajac, 0000-00-00

SERBIA: State Silent About Protestant Dialogue Offer On New Law

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-09-25

SERBIA: Vishnu Community Denied Right to Reply

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-07-30

SERBIA: `Intolerance" Obstructs Vishnu Community Activity

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-07-30


Branko Bjelajac, 2002-03-19

SERBIA: No religion law means a "dangerous legal void"?

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-02-22

SERBIA: Romanian Orthodox church threatened with demolition

Draško Đenović, 2005-03-15

SERBIA: Orthodox veto on new religion law?

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-05-16

SERBIA: Police ban Romanian Orthodox commemoration

Draško Đenović, 2005-06-20

SERBIA: Further foot-dragging in mosque burning case

Branko Bjelajac / Drasko Djenovic, 2005-07-05

SERBIA: Eight sentenced for 2004 Mosque burning

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-07-28

SERBIA: Minister admits but downplays attacks on religious minorities

Branko Bjelajac, 2005-09-08

SERBIA: Minister bans "non-existent" Church from building church

Draško Đenović, 2005-09-12

SERBIA: "Heavy pressure" forces postponement of first Macedonian Orthodox church

Draško Đenović, 2005-09-14

SERBIA: Romanian priest to pay for official destruction of his church

Draško Đenović, 2005-09-19

SERBIA: Almost no one satisfied as religion bill reaches parliament

Draško Đenović, 2006-04-17

SERBIA: Religion law rushed through parliament

Draško Đenović, 2005-04-21

SERBIA: President signs controversial religion law

Draško Đenović, 2006-04-28

SERBIA: Are some more equal than others?

Draško Đenović, 2006-05-09

SERBIA: No changes to controversial Religion Law

Draško Đenović, 2006-05-23

SERBIA: Restitution Law passed

Draško Đenović, 2006-06-20

SERBIA: Religion Minister breaks his own law

Draško Đenović, 2006-08-09

SERBIA: Legal status to be denied to religious-based associations?

Draško Đenović, 2006-11-28

SERBIA: Simultaneously legal and illegal religious communities

Draško Đenović, 2006-12-04

SERBIA: Stalling tactics used to delay granting legal status?

Draško Đenović, 2007-03-01

SERBIA: Very slow official implementation of Restitution Law

Draško Đenović, 2007-03-12

SERBIA: Government still arbitrarily denying communities legal status

Draško Đenović, 2007-04-26

SERBIA: Arbitrary legal status denials continue

Draško Đenović, 2007-08-14

SERBIA: Legal status possible "in 450-500 years"?

Draško Đenović, 2008-01-18

SERBIA: Why won"t the authorities stop religious violence?

Draško Đenović, 2008-02-07

SERBIA: Who can gain legal status?

Draško Đenović, 2009-02-20

The Serbian Orthodox Church refuses to come to terms with Serb war crimes

Branko Bjelajac, 2001-04-29

SERBIA: United Methodist Church attacked because the Roma worship there

Draško Đenović, 2010-06-15

SERBIA: Reis-l-ulem Adem Zilkić attacked

Draško Đenović, 2011-08-26

SERBIA: Judge insulted or 100 days in prison for a verbal delict

Draško Đenović, 2012-05-21

SERBIA: State Office for Religion and Inter-Religious Council Announced

Draško Đenović, 2012-07-20

SERBIA: US Religious Freedom Report and Reactions

Draško Đenović, 2012-08-10